Nadhim Zahawi should not resign!

There’s an old jewish joke – you’ve probably heard it. Anyway – there’s this woman in the the jewish quarter in New York. Her watch is broken. She passes a shop window with watches and clocks in it and goes in to ask for a repair. The guy behind the counter dismisses her. “I don’t have anything to do with watches!” he says. “Wh- so who are you?” she asks. “I’m the local community Mohel (circumsiser).” Bewildered. “So why have clocks and watches in your window??” Petulant. “What do you want I should put in the window!!”

If Zahawi were to resign – and Dominic Raab, for that matter, and Suella Braverman – the shop window of the Conservative Party and Government would be cleansed, and, thereby, illusive. We need these ‘members’ to be fully on show to remind ourselves what happens when government falls to self-interest, sense of entitlement and impunity and greed. Britain is no less corrupt in its upper reaches than any so-called ‘banana republic’ – it’s just good at swaddling it in ermine and brushing it under Persian rugs. So let’s keep them in post, the visible ulcers of an ageing body, the bed-sores of the lazy incumbent who has barely stirred from the sumptuous mattress of privilege. Put these distasteful ghouls on full show so that passers-by know full well what their sordid business is.

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